We're committed to designing a dating app that works for busy professionals.

We created Boardroom because we saw that people needed more from dating apps. The options that exist out there are either focused on hook up culture, are filled with fake and low quality profiles and are designed to gatekeep love. We want to change that.

Founded with love.

Boardroom started out small, with love, in Cape Town, South Africa. Our humble beginnings meant we could focus on what mattered for people.

Serisha Barrat CEO

As a female tech entrepreneur, I embarked on a personal and professional journey that led me to be involved in creating a dating app specifically tailored for professionals. Despite being single for years following a difficult breakup, I realized the need for a dating platform that goes beyond casual hookups and focuses on building meaningful relationships.

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Derusha Naidoo CMO

Learning and growing has always been at the core of who I am. While immersing myself in work or academic pursuits is second nature, a pivotal point for me was realizing that companionship with the right person would only amplify my success and make the journey all the more enjoyable. To enjoy your journey to success with a partner who fully sees you, appreciates you and holds you accountable is a wonderful thing. That’s what gets me so excited about Boardroom. We exist to help people find that kind of life changing connection.

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Wisani Shilumani CTO

Working on Boardroom has come naturally to me. I've always been passionate about technology, and using it to bring people closer. The world needs more love, and I'm excited to do my part to create environments where love can thrive.

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